• To give desired priority attention to areas of governmental activities with specific importance;
    To advise Government on socio-economic issues;
  • To Manage the Transport Pool and Fuel Dump;
    To prepare pre-feasibility grants on projects and also analyse and appraise projects for the purpose of determining their social and economic viability;
  • To coordinate all technical assistance programs and liase with the appropriate Federal Agencies or any other Municipal and International Agencies;
    To implement various policies of government that may be assigned to the Ministry from time to time;
  • To promote rural institutions and thereby transform the State socio-economic situation via interaction with community associations and landlord and residents associations;
  • To recommend consultant and contractors’ competencies or otherwise to MDAs before government projects are awarded;
    To liaise with relevant trade unions, association and other artisans such as NURTW, RTEAN, ACCOMORAN, for peaceful and productive state; and
  • Liaise with Nigerian National Volunteer service (NNVS) and serve as interface for indigenes in the diaspora while exploring opportunities therein.