Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the ministry and the roles of various departments

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Dealing with all Administrative matters, in respect of procurement, storage and distribution of all office equipment and materials for the consideration of the leadership;
  • Dealing will all matters coming to the attention of the Ministry, as it effects administration and supplies;
  • To ensure the upkeep of a disciplined personnel and maintain the aesthetic beauty of the Ministry;
  • To ensure that the status of the Ministry is kept respectable through all the necessary arrangements including the rendition of appropriate advice on the exercise of discretionary powers by the consideration of request on the Governor;
  • Processing of personnel issues such as conversion, normalization of appointment etc.

Finance and Account Department

  • Writing and lodging of Cheques in the Ministry’s Bank Accounts
  • Reconciliation of the Bank Accounts and Cash Book;
  • Co-signatory to the Bank Accounts, cheques and monetary instruments;
  • Keeping of and updating D.V.E.A Book;
  • Taking charge of the Accounting duties;
  • Directing and Advising the Accounting Officer on Audit and Public Queries.

Special Duties Department

This Department is an all-encompassing department that gives desired priority attention to areas of government activities with specific importance. As the name connotes:

  • Dealing will all matters coming to the attention of the Ministry, as it effects Special Duties;
  • The Department is saddled with all the responsibilities of implementing various policies of Government that may be assigned to the Ministry from time to time;
  • It is also expected on behalf of the Ministry, to liaise with relevant trade unions, association and other Artisans such as NURTW, RTEAN, ACCOMORAN, for peaceful and productive state;
  • Carry out any other duties that may be necessary as assigned to it by the Ministry;
  • The Department also oversees the dispensing of PMS and A.G.O (Diesel) to various stakeholders in the State.

Transport Pool Department

  • Processing of requests for servicing, repair and replacement of parts and engines for approval;
  • Processing for approval, the procurement of spare and servicing parts for the maintenance (servicing, repair and replacement of parts and engine) of official vehicles;
  • Processing the procurement of tyres and batteries of official vehicles;
  • Taking custody of new vehicles for safe keeping before their allocation;
  • Releasing of official plate numbers for official vehicles after the approval for such.